Help Teach My People students reach their full, God-given potential.

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Help our students reach their full, God-given potential!

Teach My People is Christ-centered afterschool and summer program for students in need within our community. What makes Teach My People unique is that we follow our students from first grade through high school graduation and then onto to college. To date, we have had the honor of seeing 23 students graduate high school, 17 currently enrolled in college and 2 graduate with a four year degree.

This fall, 2019, Teach My People is expanding. Teach My People is opening a campus in Georgetown to serve students from McDonald Elementary School.

In our first year we will serve first and second grades with a class of ten students in each grade. Each year we will add a new class until we reach fifth grade in 2022.

While this is a big undertaking we are excited for the support we are receiving from the community of Georgetown. We ask you to please consider investing in Teach My People Georgetown.

Teach My People's two-year seed funding goal is $165,000.

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