Help Dana McManus Fight her Battle Against Sarcoma Cancer!

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Help Dana McManus Fight her Battle Against Sarcoma Cancer!

Our Story

UPDATE (05/05/2024):
Some of you may have been following our story and for some of you it may be new. For over 2 years now my wife Dana McManus and our family, myself and our 7 wonderful children, have been in the fight of our lives! Dana has been dealing with this “EHE,” which is a super rare cancer that nobody knows anything about. With very limited or no treatment options. The only doctor we have found that has ever dealt with this is at MD Anderson out in Houston, Texas.

Dana has been in and out of the hospital dealing with symptoms of this “EHE,” going back and forth for different scans, Oncology visits, and extended hospital stays. All of her doctor’s are in Charleston, SC at MUSC and now it seems it is time to return to MD Anderson.

Through all of this we have looked to God first for healing.

Needless to say this has been a heavy burden. I am currently missing work multiple days a week and sometimes for a week at a time or more trying to take care of my wife and children and their needs while still trying to provide for them. We are making it by the Grace of God.

This is hard for me to do as a man and husband but I am asking you once again to PLEASE HELP! I can’t do this alone. I love my wife and my children so much and will do anything for them. I have given it all to God and am fighting for my family in the process. We know that He is in complete control. Our story is far from over!!

  • Prayer
  • Bills & Living Expenses
  • MD Anderson Bill & Travel
  • MUSC Visits & Travel
  • We are down to 1 vehicle
The McManus Family, God Bless You All!!! We Love You!

* * * * * * * * *

UPDATE: Since we last posted and asked for help a lot has happened, so we wanted to take the time to give a quick update for everyone and also express our needs moving forward as we take the next step in our #fighting4Dana process.

Our trip to Texas went really well. We connected with a doctor who knows about Dana’s type of cancer called EHE. EHE is a very rare type of cancer. They are saying that Dana has “Stage 4 Metastatic Cancer”, as it is in her brain as well as in her liver. Although this is our reality it is not our final reality! We believe that!

The next step is Gamma Knife radio-surgery for the tumors on her brain. Then we will look at options such as chemotherapy on the rest of her body. We are also trying and taking a “Holistic” approach doing whatever we can to help my wife beat this.

Many have asked and we can’t believe how much support we have received. And we still need all the prayers and help we can get. So after discussing with our family what our needs and financial burdens are we are going to up our financial goal to $60,000. Only to allow room for more donations.

We are so grateful for every prayer. Every donation. Truly.

Dana is loved by so many and I want to do any and everything in my power to help my sweet precious wife however I can.. Please continue to pray for my beautiful wife and for our wonderful children as we walk with God through this storm and into this next phase of our lives.

Thank you all so much, The McManus Family

* * * * * * * *

My name is Bryan McManus, I am 33 years old, a father of 7 wonderful children, and a husband to my beautiful wife Dana McManus of 14 years. God has blessed us more than we deserve.

Last May 2022, they found 2 tumors in my wife’s brain, which also lead to findings of lesions on her liver and lungs. With a long hospital stay and a lot of hospital visits later with no results, a brain biopsy was done and on March 20th, 2023, my wife was diagnosed with a rare type of Sarcoma Cancer of the brain called EHE which is devastating to say the least.

Currently MUSC of SC has never seen this type of case and does not have a lot of information about it, or a treatment plan. So as of right now we are seeking a second opinion out at MD Anderson, in Houston TX.

We are trusting God in this process to make a way to get us there and receive this second opinion. But I need help.

As the only provider, while my wife stays at home and homeschools all our kids. So this becomes a financial burden, along with being self-pay at MDAnderson. The initial first visit and work up is $25,000. This doesn’t include travel, stay, or being out of work. Also this initial price does not include any further surgeries, treatments, or medications that my wife may need in order for her to start and fight this cancer. The overall price could be a lot more than just our initial visit with the experienced doctors at MDAnderson.

As a husband I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my wife the best possible care I can. So if putting aside my pride to ask for help, and the most importantly prayers i am going to do it! This is a very scary time for our young family and we already feel as our lives have been turned upside down by all of this. Most of our days are very emotional for all of us and being in the unknown. However, this is when we turn to our Most High God, Jesus Christ, who is the author and finisher of our faith and lean on Him, trusting that His will for our lives is what is also best for our lives.

We are grateful for all the outcry of support so far. And are truly amazed how we’ve already seen God move and open doors we could not open ourselves. So we are going to lean on him again and trust he is going to work miracles in our life in this whole situation with my precious wife. Thank you in advance for whatever you can do to help. We pray for healing and that we can have our sweet, precious wife and mother in our lives for years to come and also ask for special prayer for our children as they try to adjust to the next chapter of their lives that God has is on right now. We humbly thank you for all of your support and cannot wait to see how God is going to move through our storm and bring blessings through all of this. If just one soul can be reached through our trial then it will be worth it all!! Thank you


The McManus Family

All donations are coming through the online giving platform of Teach My People, a Georgetown County, South Carolina 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. Teach My People will transfer 100% of the funds raised from this site to Cornerstone Baptist Church (Georgetown, SC) and the church will distribute 100% of these funds to the McManus family for Dana McManus' treatment. If you have questions, please feel to reach out to Eric Spatz, Executive Director of Teach My People at eric@teachmypeople.com .

Thank you for the love and support of the McManus Family!